Real Moms Sip and Paint Exclusive Hangout: Maiden exclusive event for Ghanaian mothers takes off

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Mothers are regarded as the core and foundation of every household and by extension the society.
Not only are they the foundation, but they are also the nurturers from whose hands’ destinies are formed. While every woman can be mother, not every woman is called to mother. However, mothers are always focused on giving to others that they do not have time to take of themselves or enjoy their lives as moms. Lack of self-care does not improve the quality of lives and mothers need to self-care to remain relevant to themselves, families, and society.
It is off the back of these that Real Moms Connect (Ghana Chapter) an online community of African mothers representing different walks of life and ICS Africa Limited Impact Concepts and Solutions Africa (ICS Africa) a leading Pan African Event and Business Solutions Company created an innovative event for selected mothers in Ghana in collaboration with Lotus Detox and Wellness Center.

Themed Sip and Paint, the one-of-a-kind event saw mothers from all spheres of life converge at the Lotux Detox and Wellness Center in Dzorwulu.
The patrons were treated to soothing music while they kept entertained with indoor activities including painting, oware, scramble, and Ludo. Several Moms also partook in competitions where prizes including Lotus Detox and Wellness vouchers where won.
The evening was another opportunity for them to know more about keeping a healthy lifestyle despite the stress negative effects of holding one’s family together.
Speaking in an educative session, Dr. Smitha Shetty, Head Physician at Lotux Detox and Wellness Center spoke about the various body types and how to manage stress that comes with different temperaments.
Following the educative session, a panel that was represented by some selected mothers was set in motion where the panelists shared their life journey and encouraged moms to live their best lives which was the theme of the event.
The maiden edition of the Real Moms Sip and Paint Exclusive Hangout was organized by Real Moms Connect and ICS Africa Limited with support from Lotus Detox and Wellness Center.

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